Across the Philippines we performed a top notch General Contractor in Structural Civil Engineering methodology to get good quality and earn trust with the client.


Across the Middle East and south east Asia we build 10 Data Centers internationally and locally with our certified A+, MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, MCP Key Personnel. 


When Our company extracted in the Philippines we started to join in the Wireless Cellular Tower Construction in Telecom Industry with WAN, MAN, and GPON Fiber Technology.

MEPS Projects

Our Experience in MEPS Industry are broad from Middle East and Asia, with our Professional Mechanical, Electrical, Sanitary, Security, FDAS, Fire Protection Engineers

ELV and Automation

After we succeed with the Data Centers Project we involved with IoT and Automation, BMS Integration Projects

HV Splicing up to 69kV

With the various experience of our Founder and his Co-Founder from Middle East are wide and has Licensed HV Splicer from ARAMCO we also catered this service in the Philippines with the Standard of Power distributor authorities.

Smart Housing - Development

We have key person for a Professional Architect and we are also involved for the housing development in the Philippines